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Manchester’s Finest Visit Unagi Altrincham

“Our With over 30 years of global experience, the small team behind Unagi have gone from strength to strength after launching just before lockdown with their food truck in Altrincham, to now covering deliveries across the whole of Manchester. We went down last week to meet the self-titled ‘OG’ team, consisting of Ralph and Jun who settled in Manchester in the early 00’s and Macky and EJ, who you’d think were their naughty kids – they’re not, but it certainly feels like they’ve found a family in each other. After a few sips of Sake, Matt discovered the balance in sushi, known as umami, put to bed rumours that sushi is just about raw fish and got some tips on how to actually eat sushi properly! The future looks seriously bright for the OGs, with a new site opening soon in Wilmslow – the first standalone restaurant and sushi bar for Unagi”